Welcome to B3 AWANA online registration!

We are thrilled to partner with your family through our B3AWANA program.  We believe that the single most important gift we can give our children is The Word.  AWANA is a great way to accomplish that goal.  Verses they learn now will be invaluable to them later.  We hope that you will be "ALL IN" with your child as they memorize verses and learn the truth found in God's Word.  You are the key to their success in AWANA.  

As Ministry Director, my number 1 priority this year is to improve arrival and dismissal security for our younger AWANA clubs.  I know our leaders have done a superb job in the past, but as our club grows, we want to make sure you feel secure in leaving your children.  A huge piece of that puzzle is our new online registration.   Not only will it add the security piece that we need, but also it will make life so much easier for all of us moving forward.  If you were part of our AWANA club last year, please just renew your registration. If you are new to our club, you will continue as a new registration.   Please use the buttons below to register your first child and your family's information.  You will be prompted to register your other children after you have done the first one.  This will set up our database and next year will be a few simple button clicks for our returning members.  

Our registration fee is still $30 per clubber.  This is a significant discount on the actual cost of AWANA.  Our church graciously assumes most of the cost for our club. If you have a special circumstance, please feel free to talk to me directly.  Because the church assumes most of the cost, we will charge for replacement books and uniforms moving forward. If Sparkies or Cubbies wish to order a bag, you can do so when you pay your registration fee.  They are $10 each.  We are excitedly anticipating the coming year and look forward to seeing you on September 4th! 


Heather Bobbey, Commander


Awana Registration

Did one of your children attend Awana at Arran Lake Baptist Church last year?